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GoFish Wireless Underwater Camera Review

Posted by Andrew Law (5/12/2021)
GoFish Wireless Underwater Camera Review

In this article we will be reviewing the GoFish Wireless underwater fishing camera and provide information that is NOT found on the amazon listing or even the GoFish website!

Capturing underwater footage of fish is a hard task, but the GoFish Wireless Underwater camera seeks to help fisherman capture that rare footage of fish attacking their bait. This can be great for learning how the fish react to your baits, and also if you are looking to create a highlight reel of your fishing adventures. This product can really give you a rare opportunity to learn about fish feeding behavior.

This camera can be used with or without the mobile app. Without the app, it will just be a straight recording. With the mobile app, you can actively view all of the videos your camera took.


  • Recording stats = Full HD capture in 1080p or 720p @ 60fps or 30fps

  • Can record UP to 3 hours of footage but more typically 2 hours when running at default 1080p @60fps. Supports up to 64GB mini SD cards.

  • Dimensions: 4.33 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches

  • Weight = 3.3 Oz

  • Works in both saltwater and freshwater applications

  • 3 stabilization fins to help keep camera steady during retrieve

  • night vision for low light recording

  • built in Wi-fi with support for iOS & Android App control

Amazon Review Stats: Amazon Review stats

What is included in the box is the GoFish Camera, the green float for float fishing, & 1 USB charging cable.

When does the GoFish Camera not work well? This underwater camera is at the mercy of the water quality you are fishing in. If it is too murky it won't be able to see anything. The Clearer the water the better your footage will be.

Fishing Methods: Fishing Camera

Cast and retrieve method:
The camera is tied inline and watches the bait as your retrieve it in. 

Trolling method:
The camera is tied inline with your bait just like the cast and retrieve method. 

Float Fishing method:
Included with the GoFish camera is a green float that acts as a buoy for the camera to sit on top of the water. So instead of using a standard bobber, this camera will act as that floatation as well as provide you a live underwater view of your bait from the surface level. 

    Pros of GoFish Green Float:
    + Because of the large float size, it helps keep the camera stable on top of the water pretty well
    + easy setup. Just stick the camera into the float and you ready to go
    + acts as its own bobber

    Cons of GoFish Green Float:
    - if you lose this green float, you will need to find a replacement or build your own float to house the camera
    - if you cast the camera too hard, it can spit out of the float

GoFish App The App connects directly to the camera via WiFi ( not bluetooth). The app gives your control over the camera in realtime and allows you to control it and turn it on and off remotely as needed. You can playback video footage immediately on the app instead of having to go home and review the footage at the end of the day.

The app while it does give good control, it can at times have problems connecting to the camera & I did experience a few crashes during this connection process.

Battery: The battery is built in and not interchangeable. This is a real disadvantage of this product because if you plan on fishing and recording for a long time, there is no way to swap in a new battery. The only option would be to charge it mid-day and wait for it to charge before you could use it again. While it is a lithium ion battery, it will typically slowly lose 5% of its max battery capability every year. This is standard for any lithium ion battery though so its just something to keep in mind.

Camera Loss Protection Program: Once you purchase your GoFish camera from amazon and receive it in the mail, you can then if you choose to do so, can purchase a $50 protection plan on the camera if it gets lost. This is a 1 year coverage.

Final Thoughts: While the App connection can be a little spotty from time to time, and the battery is not interchangable, this is by far the best wireless underwater fishing camera available on the market. It comes at a pretty reasonable considering the HD recording quality it is capable of, and is really a product that stands out above the rest. Hopefully in a few years, they will release a new product that fixes some of these issues! I would still recommend this camera if you are looking to capture some kick ass underwater fishing footage.

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