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My Dad & I started this website as a means to share our fishing knowledge and interest in fishing in a new form.
The articles on this website can help new people learning how to fish but in a new and different perspective from the other out of touch fishing websites out there built back when the internet 1st came online.
We have both enjoyed fishing for most of our adult lives and have grown more and more interested in it as time as gone on. While most of our fishing experience primarily revolves around various types of Bass fishing, we enjoy fishing for all species whenever & whereever. Salt water fishing, crappie fishing, fly fishing, spearfishing, trout fishing, and of course bass fishing.
We started this website in April 2021 and look to grow this website as a fun hobby to go along with our fishing. We hope to share our knowledge and teach more people how to enjoy fishing. Thanks for browsing around on our page and reading an article or two.
Established April 2021

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