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What are the best baits for catfish?

Posted by Andrew Law (4/26/2021)
What are the best baits for catfish?

Catfish are well known for relying on their sense of smell and taste. long time catfish fishermen will tell "the stinker the better" when it comes to the bait you use. Catfish are bottom feeders.

There are all kinds of commercially purchaseable baits you can buy. They are usually moldable to fit around the hooks in the form of a ball. They have a consistancy similar to dough. premade prepackaged catfish bait

Homemade baits can consist of any of the following and more: cheese, chicken(rotten for extra smell), liver, fish, garlic, bread, hot dogs, etc. A large # of earthworms are a more natural bait choice, you can even level it up by soaking it in some rotten chicken liquid or anything other scent to intesify it.Every avid catfishermen will have their own secret recipe when it comes to baits and scents, so try out your own and see how it works. Soon you will have your own secret catfish bait recipe. Rotten Chicken as catfish bait

While these "soaking" type baits are common for catching catfish, that does not mean it is not possible to catch them on bass lures. Don't rule them out as a backup option.

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